The Gunsmithing Club of America is a community of like-minded professionals and hobbyists who want access to trustworthy gunsmithing information, and have a desire to learn from and share their knowledge with others.

GCA is a place where we learn:

  • The design, function, and repair of modern and historical firearms
  • Do real-world Gunsmithing on firearms
  • Advise gunsmiths on building their business, working with customers, and developing professionally

Our staff, instructors, and many of our members are true experts in their fields and are willing to openly share their skills and experience with other members of all levels, through these and other resources:

  • instructional videos
  • publications
  • forums and messaging
  • live meetings

Join our community of professional and hobby gunsmiths, and serious firearm enthusiasts today!

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What You Will Learn

You will become a true Firearms Expert and grow to be a respected Member of our Gunsmithing Community.

Why would you care?

Frankly, the Gunsmithing Club of America isn’t for everybody. It is for people that are serious about firearms and learning Gunsmithing.

There is a lot of gunsmithing advice from random people all over YouTube, however, you’re are going to get what you pay for.  Free information can really be dangerous, as they have no vested interest in being responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information they provide. Often times they have good intentions, but just don’t really know what they are talking about and that could be very dangerous.

We are professional Gunsmiths, providing knowledge and expertise for professionals and serious hobbyists who love guns.

What can you expect?

You can expect accurate information, based on decades of personal experience with opinions you can trust. We do not accept advertising revenue from any manufacturer, so we have the freedom to “Tell it like it is!”

You will have access to an incredible library of hundreds of hours of training from qualified experts and over 150 different complete firearm Disassembly and Reassembly courses, representation millions of firearms with the number of courses increasing monthly. You also are joining a private Firearms Community where you can build trust and relationships with other people just like you.

Why GCA Membership is Important

In today’s world it hard to know who to trust. For over 25 years our parent company the American Gunsmithing Institute has been training individuals to become competent Gunsmiths. AGI has also taught over 100,000 people how to understand the design, function and repair of their specific firearms.

The Gunsmithing Club of America (GCA) was started many years ago to be a place of community for those individuals, and others who love guns and want to know more about them. If you are seeking a real group of friends who into firearms and are willing to share their knowledge and support fellow members, then this is the place for you.

Membership Benefit Levels

We offer you several different levels of Gunsmithing Club of America membership so that you can select the level of membership and services, that provides you with the benefits you will enjoy and maximize your firearms experience

Silver Membership

Silver+ Membership

$ 19.97/month
$ 39.95/month
Monthly Firearm Disassembly / Reassembly Course
New Monthly “Over The Gunsmith’s Shoulder” Project Video
Access To The Monthly “GCA Live” Webcast
Member Forums
Monthly Project Reviews
Over 50- Hour long courses specific gunsmithing techniques
Digital Version Of The GunTech Print Magazine Each Month
Monthly 2 Hour GunTech Video Magazine (Online)
“Ask The Pros” Q&A Forum – Get Your Questions Answered By The Experts
Access To GunTech Video Archives – Over 180 Previous Issues
Access To GunTech Magazine Archives
Monthly DVD GunTech Video Magazine Mailed
Print Version of GunTech Magazine Mailed To You
Membership in the Gunsmithing Club of America Community

We Accept

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President's Message

The Gunsmithing Club of America was created to be a place where we all could associate with, what are in my opinion, the most interesting and curious people in the world. People who love the way Firearms function and the freedoms that they represent. People that share much more than just a passing curiosity about firearms.

This is a place for people that are passionate like I am about firearms and gunsmithing. When it comes to guns, our members are interested in learning much more than just the basics, or about casual shooting. They want to really possess a complete understanding of firearms. They want access to authoritative,  insider information that is known to just a few. That is why we created this exclusive club that is solely focused on the desires of these like-minded individuals.

Gene W. Kelly, President

Gunsmithing Club of America

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