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00:2:09:24 SHOT Show: Winchester Repeating Arms
00:04:23:16 Bob’s Guns: Remington 700 Rifle
00:08:43:11 SHOT Show: Standard Manufacturing
00:09:55:21 My Favorite Gun: Robert Dunn
00:15:38:25 AGI Graduates
00:18:42:25 SHOT Show: Real Avid
00:30:34:17 Firearm Evaluation: KelTec CP33 .22 Pistol Bench Evaluation
00:39:50:25 Firearm Evaluation: KelTec CP33 .22 Pistol Range Evaluation
00:50:24:08 D&R: 1860 Spencer Carbine Safety Strip
00:52:27:05 D&R: 1860 Spencer Carbine Disassembly
1:16:56:04 D&R: 1860 Spencer Carbine Reassembly