022 Weatherby Vanguard Rifle

In this edition of Over the Gunsmith’s Shoulder, Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor, Ken Brooks takes in a Weatherby Vanguard Rifle that has a broken bolt stop screw. Ken deduces that the bolt stop spring is probably missing too. When our instructor has a chance to take a look at the rifle, we find that the bolt stop spring is indeed missing and that the threaded shank of the screw is stuck inside of the receiver. Ken gets right to work by securing the rifle in a vise and explains and shows us how to cut a slot in the remaining piece of the screw, in order to get the shank out of the receiver. He tells us of some of the pit falls and problems that you may face while doing this type of repair.

Once the screw shank is out of the receiver, the new screw has to be fitted, as this particular screw binds the bolt stop in place when the screw is tightened up. So we get to see some tips and tricks to making this bolt stop screw fit correctly. Before this process gets underway, Mr. Brooks takes a minute to teach us that even though we have fixed the problem, we must also consider how and why the screw was broken in the first place. These considerations are taken into account when fitting the replacement screw. Even though the rifle has been repaired, there are still opportunities that can spoil your day, simply by putting the rifle back together again. Ken points out some things that you should be aware of when you reassembly your magazine fed bolt action rifle.