History of Another Gun Collector w/photos

by GCA Member William Brown

I was born in Youngstown OH in 1942. Youngstown was a big steel town at that time and I didn’t have much to do with guns. I did get a Red Ryder BB gun at some point and then a single shot JC Higgins 22. We had a rather large unfinished basement so I set up my own range. I joined the Air Force in 1960 and was exposed to the M-1 carbine in basic training. I went to tech school at Lowery AFB in Denver CO where I volunteered for the honor guard. For funerals we fired M-1 Garand’s and that’s where that love affair started. I finally had an opportunity to obtain a Springfield Armory M-1, but sold it when a Winchester came along. While station at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson AZ in 1961 I bought a Winchester Model 94 in 32 SPC and fell in love with Winchesters. BTW I also met and fell in love with my future wife there. and we’ve been together for 53 years. (She still doesn’t love my guns??) My Winchesters     The last one, an 1873, is currently at Turnbull for a full metal restoration. I have new wood to put on it when I get it back. In 1970, still in the Air Force, I moved to the Air Force Office of Special investigations (AFOSI) where after training I was issued a S&W Model 36 with 3″ bbl. I now have one in my collection.

S&W Model36

In 1980, AFOSI went to a 1911A1s which were modified by AF armorers  basically, to officer model size. You guessed it, another love affair.  I don’t know what happened to those guns after AFOSI went to Berettas so no picture (I was retired by then so no Beretta love affair), .  After finally retiring from the AF (28 yrs) and civil service (14 yrs) I decided I needed a hobby and began my fun as a hobby gunsmith. I have the AGI armorers course on every gun I own or have been asked to look at and have completed the 1911 Pistolsmith course. GCA and AGI are great and I have learned much. Here are a few more photos and comments.    Colt Single Action Army 1900   Texas Ranger Commemorative 1911 and 1911A1 German Military Handguns     1917 Army TISAS 1911 $400 gun plus approx. $300 in parts I have a gun that is good as or better than most custom made guns. Trigger Pull out of the box 6.75 lbs. Trigger Pull when completed 3.5 lbs. Tightened and lapped slide to frame fit per Gene Shuey American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) S&A SERIES 70 PALMSWELL SAFETY (Beavertail) Fitted. $33 CS076TB HI-GRIP TACT.SAFETY fitted per Gene Shuey AGI. $19 1911 K-HOLE SILVER TRIGGER Polished and fitted per Gene Shuey AGI. $19 CS210 ULTRA LIGHT MATCH SET and trigger job per Gene Shuey AGI. $151 1911 X-LONG HAMMER STRUT, TITANIUM. $12 1911 EXTENDED EJECTOR, 45 ACP fitted modified per Gene Shuey AGI. $18 NOWLIN SEAR SPRING polished and adjusted per Gene Shuey AGI. $7 Briley Drop-In Spherical Barrel Bushing with .580″ Ring 1911 Government Stainless Steel. $39 Slide stop filed and polished for easier installation per Gene Shuey AGI Duracoat Finish by me (I prefer Duracoat as it is easier to use than Cerakote and every bit as durable) Trijicon Night Sights Recover Grips w/rail Everything I did to this 1911 is based on AGI’s courses including the gun I used based on Robert Dunlap’s, AGI review of This Turkish Made gun. Writing this article was great fun. I hope you all enjoy it.