Travel to Oregon and spend a week learning from the master! 

These intimate, interactive, and intense five-day courses give students the chance to work with Ken directly and learn by doing.

Attending students rave about Ken’s instructional style which allows them to troubleshoot and come up with solutions as Ken guides them through assessment, diagnosis, and repairs. 

Classes are limited in size, require prerequisites, and you will need to bring your firearms.  

Qualified students have received certificates to attend the Hands-On Classes.  Former students who have completed the AGI Pro Course may attend the Hands-On classes for a fee of $997.  Early Bird Registration – (one month before class begins) $797.

Hands-On Classes are an amazing way to further your career path and take your Gunsmithing skills and professional growth to another level.  

Hands-on Training with the master


A graduate of and former instructor at the renowned gunsmithing program at Lassen College, Ken worked with Bob Dunlap at their shop in Coquille Oregon. When Bob retired from gunsmithing, he turned his entire operation over to Ken because he has developed into such a great design, function, and repair gunsmith.  Ken also hosts online webcast technical classes for our gunsmithing students and is featured in other GCA productions such as Over the Gunsmith's Shoulder. 


March 14-18

During the DF&R Extractors class, students will learn DF&R of extractors, as extractors are the problem and/or the cure for 90% of all feeding issues with repeating firearms of virtually any design. You will learn the relationship of the extractor to the ejector of the different designs and will fit extractors to the various designs and fabricate a .22 extractor.


april 11-15

We cover the design, function, and repair of multiple trigger systems to include handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Students will be performing trigger jobs and repairs on numerous firearms and upon completion of the class will have a strong foundation base of knowledge to diagnose and repair almost any trigger system.

S&W Revolvers

May 16-20

We will cover design, function, and repair of the Smith and Wesson Double action swing out cylinder revolvers. Including timing, ranging, aligning crane, removal of ends-hake and so much more. Also a smooth and polish and target trigger job.

COLT 1911

July 18-22

This course covers all phases of repair of the Colt type 1911, in 45 ACP calibers.  We will not be covering any “custom” work but will be showing function and reliability of the gun, trigger job included.

The gun should function with 100% reliability when finished and have a crisp trigger let-off with no hammer follow down.

sear pin installed

Troubleshooting and General Repair

September 12-16

This is a new class in which we will cover the troubleshooting and general repair of any firearm. We will Analyze, Evaluate and Cure/Repair defective or broken firearms.

For questions regarding Hands-On Classes, please contact Connie Givogri at:

[email protected]

800-797-0867 ext.114