browning A-5 shotgun

For this class, we will be going thru the design, function, and repair of the Browning A-5 Long recoil-operated shotgun, or clone thereof.  We will be covering all aspects of how this gun operates with an emphasis on how to repair the most common issues with the model.

We will also be covering the more unusual/difficult issues encountered from time to time…….and if the student’s firearm has one or more of these defects we will be gladly address that.

Students will begin to see the importance of the A-5 design in the development of other makes and models of repeat shotguns, and how their understanding of the A-5 will help with repairs of other guns.

Students will be modifying their firearms to be reliable, safe, and to operate correctly.


Completion of the shotgun section of the AGI Pro Gunsmithing course. (If you have completed other sections, then all the better).


At least one complete Browning A-5 or Remington 11. More is better. (Be sure they are aware that is a Remington 11…… NOT A MODEL 1100).

required and additional tools

Basic Tool Kit from the Tool list