troubleshooting & general repair

We cover the troubleshooting and general repair of any firearm. We will Analyze, Evaluate and Cure/Repair defective or broken firearms.


Student MUST have completed any two (2) of the following three(3) Hands On Classes: • Extractors • Triggers • 1911

It is best if the student doesn’t know or cannot determine what the defect is or what is causing the firearm to malfunction. Broken guns are best but new guns can be evaluated as well. Any potential problems with the new firearm will be discussed as well as the repair.
The entire Class will evaluate one gun at a time. We will start with Student #1 and his first gun, the Class will inspect-evaluate-determine the problem. Then we move onto Student #2 and his/ her first gun and do as we did with the first…inspect-evaluate-determine the problem.
We will repeat this process until we have evaluated one gun from each student.
The class will then move to the actual repairing of their firearms. If the repair involves specialized tools that are unavailable such as a mill/lathe, the Class will evaluate a 2nd gun from that student’s collection and he/ she can repair that firearm.
If all evaluations and repairs are completed early on that day we can move onto to the next set of guns from the students. As you can see, quick and easy repairs will go fast. Therefore, each student must have minimum of 10 firearms as well as any specialized hand tools needed for a specific firearm. (More than 10 guns can be brought to class as well.)


*Minimum of 10 FIREARMS-Any type of firearm + any firearm specific specialized tools needed. *MINIMUM OF 5 STUDENTS MUST BE ENROLLED / MAXIMUM OF 8 STUDENTS! If there are not 5 students, the class will be cancelled! *The design of the class and the number of firearms each student is required to bring. Less students = less firearms for discussion & repair which means not enough to stay busy all week. Also, more students = more firearms = HIGHER risk of accidental injury due to amount of workspace available.

required and additional tools

Basic Tool Kit from the Tool list PLUS any firearm specific specialized tools needed for the firearms you are bringing to class.