Members experiencing issues with their account or the website can always contact a GCA team member at 1-800-435-4262 or at [email protected]

Yes. Silver PLUS members may purchase back issues of GunTech. Issues that are damaged or missing can be replaced at no cost if they are less than six months from the print date.

Issues older than six months must be purchased for $30.

To order your back issue, contact a GCA team member at [email protected].

You can suspend your account and we highly recommend suspending instead of canceling in order to retain your forum conversations and settings.

If you cancel, you lose any history of your forum input.

You may suspend as long as you wish, we welcome you back when you are ready to rejoin the community.

To suspend your membership, go to the icon in the upper right-hand corner and click on Subscriptions. Click on View next to your subscription and then click on Suspend. A box asking if you want to suspend or downgrade will appear which gives you the opportunity to join at another level if you wish. If you want to continue to suspend, click Suspend.

To reactivate your subscription, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you re-engage with the community.

  1. Go to the top of the page and click on your image in the upper left-hand corner of the site.
  2. Click on Account Details and the password change options are there.
  3. Add a new password and then confirm it.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  1. Go to the site and click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on Account Details. In the Email Address box, change your email address.
  3. Click on Save Changes.
  1. Go to the top of the page and click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on either “Subscriptions” or “Payment Methods”.
  3. On the left side of the page, click on the blue button “Addresses” and click the edit button for either the Billing or the Shipping Address.
  4. Complete the form with the corrected information.
  5. Click on the Update the Billing Address used for all future renewal of my active subscriptions.
  6. Hit Save Address.
  1. Go to the top of the page and click on the icon on the upper right side.
  2. Click on User Profile. Below your username, click on Profile, and then below that, Change Profile Photo.
  3. You will have the option to upload your photo, take a photo from your computer or delete the one there.
  4. To upload, select your file and drop it in the box.
  5. To take an image from your computer, click on Take Photo and follow your computer’s directions. If you want to delete the current image and not replace it, hit the delete button.
  6. Scroll down to Update Directory Setting to finish.

No. Your card will not be charged while your membership is suspended. AND your history of forum discussions will not be lost when you are suspended. If you cancel your membership, this information will be lost.