01 Introduction

Welcome to the first episode of Tools for the Gun Shop. This is our new monthly series dedicated to tools and resources for gunsmiths. This series is for new gunsmiths that need to know about the tools of our trade but it is also for seasoned gunsmiths. Those of you that have been gunsmiths for a while may need to know about different tool options, better tool options, or tools that will last longer and save you in the long run. We are beginning a journey into tools and each episode will be a “conversation” about different tools. Some tool episodes will be basic and some will be advanced, for example: tools for trigger jobs or tuning revolvers. We will have episodes on making tools, heat treating, gauging, and many others. This series will be a journey for both seasoned gunsmiths and new gunsmiths… and we hope you will join us and be a part of our journey into the world of Tools for the Gun Shop.