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Hands-on Classes and why you should go.

For those students who are wondering what the hands-on training is like, let me share my experiences. The classes are held in the shop of Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks in Coquille Oregon, Ken and AGI has a classroom set up in his shop with many tools and supplies needed to work in the classroom. You will need to bring a basic set of personal tools with you but a list is provided of what you will need. Let me say that Ken is an extremely knowledgeable gunsmith. It is easy to learn from his teaching style and having fun while learning. He encourages...

How I teach students about the barrel erosion gauge and headspace gauge.

by GCA Member Timothy Tweed Often when discussing barrel erosion or head space erosion and the gauging of it, I like to explain to the student how erosion occurs in nature. (more…)

Workbench Suggestion

by GCA Member William Setliff I’ve read several articles here about tools from Harbor Freight Tools.  Certainly, their prices are “right,” though I think we’d all agree the products are uneven in their reliability and quality.  That said, two products I have been using for quit a while and have found them to be not only a great value from a cost perspective but also a great value from their usability perspective.  Traditionally I’ve built my own workbenches from 2X6’s and ¾” particle board covered with laminate.  However, I s...

Your no fun to watch a movie with!

by GCA Member Bob Garr Most of the time, not always, but most of the time movies and television shows get it completely wrong when it comes to anything to do with firearms. Considering all the time, effort and money they put into getting other things right it makes one wonder. They have language and speech coaches, medical experts, historical recreation specialists for architecture, automobiles, clothing and trains. The list is endless. But look at the credits of a movie today, they rarely list an armorer or firearms custodian. And this is for ...

Barrel Basics – (aka barrels for beginners) part 1 and 2

by GCA member Bob Garr Pose the question,  which is the heart of a gun, more specifically a rifle, the receiver or the barrel? Well, if you tried to fire a cartridge with only a receiver I doubt that much would come of it. On the other hand, if all one had was a chambered barrel the argument could be made that a cartridge could be properly placed in the chamber and if you so wanted to, or were a Troglodyte or Neanderthal, pound on the cartridge case head with a rock or a stone hammer until it discharged. (more…)

The wonderful and ingenious world of “Take – Down” guns.

by GCA Member Robert Garr Let me start by making an observation and a comment. First, where would we, the collective we of gun lovers, be if not for John Moses Browning? This is food for thought. If you have any knowledge of the man, spend a few minutes sometime and ponder that question. The impact of his design genius not to mention the elegance and style that came from his ideas boggles the mind. (more…)

AGI Course Shotgun repair testimonial

by GCA Member Justin Richard A little background information: Started at Dave's Gunshop in Lafayette, LA May 2007. Joined the Marine Corps Reserve and hit the Yellow Footprints Dec 1 2007. Finished up my training and rejoined the Gunshop Fed 2009. Dave had been in business since 1988 and in his last few years, before retirement, I learned a few tips and tricks regarding basic maintenance and repair of common firearms, mostly semi-auto shotguns. We have a lot of wing shooters here in South Louisiana. He got out of Gunsmithing and focused more o...