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S&W Ladysmith 1st model re-finish and more

Had the opportunity to work on this little gem of a old gun. It's a S&W Ladysmith 1st model in nickel with engraving, and pearl grips. There were 4570 of the 1st model produced between 1902 and 1906 and this one has a 3-digit serial number.  It had quite a bit of rust over the nickel when it came into the shop and was missing the ejector rod and associated spring. Hence, cleaning up the rust took off some of the nickel finish, so re-plated it with more nickel and polished it out. Couldn't acquire the correct ejector rod so made it and modi...

A Harrington & Richardson by Rossi…hammerless SxS

Have reassembled a hammerless SxS shotgun that's labeled as a Harrington and Richardson by Rossi. What's strange is there is no SxS H&R model that I can find any record of. There are two Rossi SxS models: one hammerless, one with external hammers.   In the case of this shotgun, customer indicated someone had fired 3.5" shotshells in it when it's only chambered for 3" shotshells. Then it wouldn't open. Once I got it apart to figure out why it wouldn't open, found the 2nd (top) barrel lock pin was broken off so that the release le...

Going to try my hand at Checkering

Have acquired all the big stuff to build a custom rifle using a "Dumolin of Belgium" made Mauser action. As part of the build, intend to checker a semi-fancy walnut stock (not the one n the picture). Hence, a checkering cradle could help ensure a result I'm satisfied with. Here's the checkering cradle I built using some wild cherry my Dad gave me before he passed. Found the design online from another's self-built cradle.  Used my 3D Printer to make bigger knobs to tighten the bolts that clamp pieces into place. [caption id="attachment_144061"...

My Glock Project

by Gun Club of America Member Bill Paradis I began my build by purchasing a Glock 17 frame from I wanted a Glock 22 but the frame is the same for both so this worked out for me. The only thing I had to change is the ejector. In order to customize and build the pistol I purchased a Glock 22 slide from Lone Wolf and a threaded Glock 22 barrel. (more…)