Re-Barrel a bench rest target rifle from 219 Donaldson-Wasp to 220 Swift

Recently had the opportunity to rebarrel and refinish the metal and  stock on a custom bench rest rifle built using a Erfurt Kar98 Action.  Yes, that’s a Mauser action that had a year of 1015 engraved on the receiver.  The barrel that was on it was a bull barrel chambered for a .219 Donaldson Wasp cartridge. Online research revealed that cartridge was a wildcat first introduced in the early 1930s and didn’t take off like the .220 Swift did. Customer purchased the rifle thinking it was a .220 Swift and ultimately decided a new barrel was the way to get there. Hence, order a new Shaw Match grade bull barrel threaded for a Mauser 98 large ring and got to work when it arrived 8 weeks later.  Squared up the receiver, bolt, and barrel, set the headspace, and blueprinted the action and bolt.  Stripped the stock of the stain that was on it and finished with somewhere between 15 and 20 coats of Tru-Oil to make the wood pop. Drilled and tapped for new scope bases the customer wanted and assembled. Seasoning the barrel yielded a desired result in accuracy at 100 yards (at least for me while using a card table as a bench and a very light rest on a windy 95 degree day) using Hornady factory loads. Here’s some pictures:

Last 5 shots out of 20 to season the barrel on a 2″ ten ring.

ErFurt Kar 98 Action in custom stock set up to season the new barrel.

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