Remington Model 81 Barrel Jacket Bushing Tool

   Do you need to remove a barrel jacket bushing on a Remington Model 81?  Here is a quick and cheap way to make your own removal tool. Grab an old 3/4" shallow socket. Anneal the socket so its soft enough to cut. ( Make sure you let it cool slowly!)   Place the socket into your mills vise. Remove material so  you are left with 2 pieces on opposite sides.  I made mine .080 high by .080 wide and it worked great.   Your tool should line up with the notch cuts in the bushing. Now just find a ratchet an...

Loctite Uses

By Jeff Cochran Floral City Firearms Loctite is a wide range of adhesives for everything from hobbyist to mechanic to building construction to military industries including epoxies, sealants, super glues and expanding foam.  Thankfully, for gunsmiths anyway, there are also thread lockers. (more…)

Ed’s Red

By Jeff Cochran Floral City Firearms Ed’s Red is infamous in the gun world as one of the best (THE best?) homemade bore cleaners and solvents.  It compares favorably to military grade firearm solvents and has a number of minor variations that have crept in over the years and as used by different people. (more…)

AR Trigger Jobs Made A Little Easier

by GCA Member Thomas Brooks Since the year 2008 we have had quite a surge in the sale of firearms. Whether it was a popular trend or influenced by outside forces, some of the most sought after firearms for almost ten years have been the AR platform rifles. At times we had shortages of both available guns and the ammo for them. But that has begun to change. While sales are still high, prices have come down, and availability has gone up. Now that freedom loving patriots have these marvels of engineering in their hands they want to personalize the...