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My First Build

Lessons Learned

by GCA Member Kenneth Comer Hello everyone, Just wanted to take a moment to share with you some "lessons" that I have recently learned. I am hoping this will keep you from making the same mistakes that I did. First of all, let me just say before you start raking me over the coals...YES, I should have known all this. (more…)

Ed’s Red

By Jeff Cochran Floral City Firearms Ed’s Red is infamous in the gun world as one of the best (THE best?) homemade bore cleaners and solvents.  It compares favorably to military grade firearm solvents and has a number of minor variations that have crept in over the years and as used by different people. (more…)

Growth: Dream Realized

by GCA Member Korey Ferguson As I lay here in bed, thinking about this past year, I am both grateful and relieved. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to chase a dream I have had for so long! I am relieved that none of the many mistakes I made have sunk me yet. (more…)

Book Review – Tricks of the Trade by Mark Stratton

by GCA Member Jeff Cochran Mark Stratton has been a gunsmith and custom rifle builder from Marysville, WA and has had a long career of building custom rifles, primarily on Mauser actions, as well as been a teacher at one of the NRA Summer Gunsmithing courses at Trinidad State College in Colorado.  During that course, he brought the various jigs and tools he had made to class and students would take dimensions for use in their own projects and many students would ask him to duplicate his drawings for handouts in class.  From that project comes...