What Will the Guns of the Future Look Like?

By GCA Member Jay Chambers The advanced futuristic guns usually seen in movies seem far from reality. We are at a point where humanity is able to achieve a lot through technology, but some of the things still seem impossible to create in real life. While you feel like it’s unlikely to come across bugs with full software on them, the future seems quite bright in the gun industry. There will be tons of options when it comes to the most advanced weapons, and you’d be shocked to know what they’ll be able to do. (more…)

History of Another Gun Collector w/photos

by GCA Member William Brown I was born in Youngstown OH in 1942. Youngstown was a big steel town at that time and I didn't have much to do with guns. I did get a Red Ryder BB gun at some point and then a single shot JC Higgins 22. We had a rather large unfinished basement so I set up my own range. I joined the Air Force in 1960 and was exposed to the M-1 carbine in basic training. I went to tech school at Lowery AFB in Denver CO where I volunteered for the honor guard. For funerals we fired M-1 Garand's and that's where that love affair started...